ethan Ethan:
Mornings 6am to 10am

Good morning, Virtuous Afternoon and a fine evening to you, reader of my WSLP bio! I am Ethan. I hail from the land of film and garbage plates. Everyone told me when I arrived here that I had big shoes to fill. My response was that I have enormous feet so that shouldn’t be a problem. I like to be a little different. Sometimes I’m weird, sometimes I’m deep, other times I’m just out of my mind! Come find out which of the many faces of Ethan you’ll get Weekday mornings from 7-11am!



Angie Evans:
Middays 2pm to 7pm

In order for you to get to know me a little better I figured I would let the ones who know me best tell you.Husband: “She is a lousy cook but GREAT at drinking wine!” (True story)Mom: “My favorite running partner… until she yells at me for cheering on the spectators while we are running”  (My Mom always outruns me)Sister: “She is my best friend. As long as you don’t mind your best friend stealing your clothes…shoes and singing constantly” (That is a sisters job right? hehe )Stepson: “She sings 5 versus of Happy Birthday. Even when we ask her not to she just sings louder!” ( I have recently discovered Auto Tune Apps. My Step kids are not fans hehe)This is much more than 93 Words… I was never much for following rules! 😉
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John Tesh, Connie Sellecca and Gib Gerard host Intelligence For Your Life.
Each night on the radio, the three anchors discuss everything from the secrets to improve your relationship to the best tricks that can boost your brainpower and even ways to keep your pets happy and healthy! Tune in every weeknight for the intel that can improve every part of your life!
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